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Eleanor is a Chicago-based freelance designer who works in a variety of spaces and mediums. She received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Iowa State University with a second major in performing arts. At the end of her undergrad career, she discovered new ways to engage people through creation of environments and went on to receive her Master’s in Scenic Design from Boston University.

After graduating, she moved to Chicago and has since designed over 100 shows and worked on countless others. She continues to expand her work and has branched out into experience design and installation work to further her passion in the design of narrative driven spaces.

In addition to larger picture designs, Eleanor also very much enjoys creating things with her hands. She paints, fabricates, crafts and continues to discover new mediums on a regular basis. She’s not one to say no to a new challenge!

In 2019, Eleanor will be moving into a new studio and will continue to stretch her artistic and design muscles! Stay tuned!

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an interview with Voyage Chicago

[current + upcoming projects]

-upcoming projects-

I Call My Brothers

Scenic + Props Design

Interrobang Theatre

5779 N Ridge | Chicago IL

Jan 5 - Feb 2 2019

Small Jokes About Monsters

Scenic + Props Design

16th St Theatre

6420 16th St | Berwyn IL

Jan 10 - Feb 16 2019

-current projects-

Holiday Decor at the bocce court

@ Game Room Chicago

Chicago Athletic Association | 12 S Michigan

Open Books

art installation in Children’s Section

651 W Lake St | Chicago IL